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O2DIESEL™: Next Generation Diesel Fuel

In large and aging fleets, oxygenated diesel fuel provides immediate air quality benefits, utilizing existing infrastructure and without engine modifications. through the use of renewable ethanol, the solution also reduces oil imports and promotes locally-produced renewable fuel components, giving O2Diesel™ considerable advantages from environmental and economic standpoints.

O2DIESEL™ Delivers Superior Fuel Operability & Performance

The benefit of adding oxygenates to motor fuels is well documented, and ethanol with 35% wt oxygen is recognized as an excellent, widely available fuel oxygenate. However, unlike gasoline, ethanol will not naturally mix with diesel fuel.

O2Diesel's proprietary process blends 7.7% fuel ethanol with regular diesel and less than 1% of Energenics’ patented co-solvent chemistry to provide a technical and commercially viable clear homogenous and stable fuel that can be utilized in unmodified engines and existing fuel delivery infrastructure.

Energenics’ ethanol-blended diesel fuel has made it a leader in delivering clean-burning diesel fuels to global markets. This ethanol-blended flexible fuel delivers premium diesel performance & operability enhancement in both on and off-road applications. In addition, O2Diesel offers a variety of other features:

  • Compatible with all blend stocks. Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, Diesel #1, Diesel #2, European EN590 and all biodiesel blends and feedstocks.

  • Lubricity has been measured at 40% above the base diesel fuel.

  • Improves conductivity - quickly dissipates any static electricity build up.

  • Cetane is boosted to ensure a cetane number equal to or greater than the base fuel.

  • The Cleaning Effect of O2Diesel achieves and maintains fuel-system cleanliness.

  • O2Diesel 's simple formulation at existing petroleum products terminals, is delivered to customers' above or below ground tanks by mobile refueling or by way of three-way blending dispensers (currently being demonstrated in Brazil).

  • O2Diesel is fungible with all diesel base stocks which make fleet transition and logistics simple.

  • Assisting in your conversion to O2Diesel is a network of partners in all key markets supported by experienced Energenics technical staff dedicated to achieving total customer satisfaction.

  • Dedicated technical support. From fleet preparation through start up and fuel system clean-out, O2Diesel technicians stay on-board until roll-out is complete and are available as required to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Emissions Reduction Using O2Diesel

02Diesel Emissions Reduction

Fleet Refueling

Working with experienced local partners, Energenics has perfected several cost-effective approaches to supplying fleet customers with O2Diesel™ that ensure product quality and complete safety.

The fuel can be delivered to a fleet customer through the following means:

  • Existing storage tanks and fuel delivery systems
  • Independent above-ground fuel tanks
  • Mobile equipment refueling
  • Onsite blending systems

Energenics is committed to working with suppliers and customers to design and implement a complete supply and refueling program, which includes staff training, technical support, and service.


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