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EnerDiesel™ is a superior “clean diesel” fuel which is produced by proven cost-effective innovative additive product that enables ethanol to be blended with all diesel fuels.

EnerDiesel™ is the brand name for O2Diesel™ in India. Elsewhere in the world the product is sold as O2Diesel™. Please see the O2Diesel page for more details.

Versatile and Environmentally Friendly Diesel
Using EnerDiesel™ yields many benefits including the following:

  • Less reliance on imported oils and fuels thus saving valuable foreign currency
  • Can be used in all diesel engines without the need for modifications
  • Biodegradable with no harmful effects on the environment

EnerDiesel™ is compatible with both High and Low Sulphur Diesel, biodiesel and Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD). The Clean Diesel is also compatible with other applications like diesel oxidation catalysts, diesel particulate traps and hybrid buses etc.

Contact us now to find out how your company can benefit from using EnerDiesel™.


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