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Our Partners

Since inception in 2005, Energenics has maintained an aggressive technology verification strategy. This has proved to be highly successful, with the company gaining traction in the marketplace and quadrupling in size during the past 18 months. This growth has been supported by our ever growing list of global blue-chip customers.

Our Vision
Our vision is to be recognised as the number one international energy & emissions solutions provides.

Our Mission
Our mission is to identify, invest, source, validate and commercialise energy technology.

Our Goal
Our goal is to improve the use of conventional energy sources, reduce emissions and ultimately, phase in the use of alternative energy solutions to benefit the environment and our customers.

Our Business Model
We focus on corporate opportunities that involve long-term partnering where we can add significant value through the delivery of energy and emissions solutions to large corporations. Often these opportunities are highly complex, often with an regulatory focus, and require easy to deliver solutions, solid project management and the precision execution of managed services using our diverse range of capability.

The Energenics Group strategy is central to the development of each of our business lines and is nurtured by an energetic, experienced, open, and pragmatic management team.

Our Values
Energenics has strong corporate values of which we are:

Passionate about people – invest in people. Demonstrating commitment to people, enabling individuals to meet their full potential and share in the Energenics Group’s success

Performance-driven - Attaining excellence and outstanding results by combining a ‘can do, will do’ approach with innovation, proven technology and integrity.

Partnering with customers and suppliers - Developing and maintaining positive relationships, working together to achieve common goals and cross fertilization of our broad network to synergise relationships on multiple levels.


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