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Company Strategy
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To help achieve our objectives, Energenics forms global and regional strategic partnerships with corporations and cooperate with technology providers:-

Antaria – Antaria Limited is an Australian company that develops, manufactures and sells a range of advanced metal oxide powders and dispersions.  Strategic relationship has been formed with Antaria Limited since 2007.
Creuros – Creuros Srl is an Italian company committed to reducing Italy’s dependence on fossil fuels and promoting energy efficient technologies for buildings, transportation, power generation and industry. Creuros has been appointed by Energenics to be the distributor in Italy for our novel EnerCat™ fuel borne catalyst.
DevourX - DevourX was incorporated on a solid foundation of innovation & state of the art engineering & aerodynamic disciplines to change the way industry processed materials into fine powders forever. .It is positioned to meet the increasing worldwide demand for its revolutionary processing machinery, which utilises air and sound currents to reduce and break-up solid materials and solid waste. The DevourX machine is specifically designed for fine grinding applications where ball mills, hammer mills, pin mills, jet mills etc. are currently used, it can also be adapted for use as a dryer. In simple terms, any solid material input is devoured by the machine and turned into dust. DevourX performs these tasks with amazing speed and efficiency, delivering extremely fine particles to the collection system. Industry leaders regularly refer to DevourX as the most exciting innovation in processing machinery for over 50 years.
Nanotrade – Nanotrade SRO is a progressive Czech company, aiming to discover and commercialise new materials, products and technologies that are designed and manufactured using nanotechnology.  Nanotrade has been appointed as an exclusive distributor for Energenics’ Enercat™ fuel borne catalyst product in the Eastern European region.
O2Diesel – O2Diesel Corp. is a pioneer in the commercial development of a new diesel fuel that delivers exceptional performance and environmental benefits for centrally-fueled fleets and diesel powered equipment of all kinds. O2 Diesel is a 100% subsidiary of Energenics. Together with our state-of-the-art electronic on-site blending equipment, we are able to produce stable clear diesel fuel named EnerDiesel™.
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